Software Defined Networking

Leverage the power of SDN and our expertise to build smart, high performance networks for your customers.  All for a fraction of the cost of traditional MPLS WAN solutions.

The NXTWORK team are experts in all things next generation networking.



Get it done faster and cheaper with NXTWORK’s SDN Solutions…

Bonded Internet Connections

We join multiple internet connetions together using a single public IP address.

Boost Productivity

Streamline the way office teams work

Multi-Site Networks

Multiple sites can share resources without the need for client VPNs 

Minimise Downtime

Data continues to work, even if one of the multiple internet connections goes down

ISP Agnostic

Works with your choice of ISPs

Supported by Experts

NXTSDN’s support team have decades of combined networking experience

Why Software Defined Networking?

Software Defined Networking augments your current network setup, supercharging it for the modern workplace. Whether you want to join multiple geographically separate offices, streamlining workflows and easing collaboration, or simply want to minimise workforce downtime, NXTWORK have a solution to fit your needs.


Multisite Networking Built To Your Specifications

Streamline Offices

Whether the second location is down the street or across the country, reach their networks like they’re in the next room.

Improve Workflows

Empower workers, allowing them to share and collaborate in ways that can’t be achieved using standard internet services.

Bespoke Design

Your dedicated network specialist will work with you to design and implement your custom network design, along with providing ongoing network support.


Multiple Providers, Less Interruption

Connection bonding allows you to select two distinct internet service providers, presenting them as one single internet connection. 

Continues working, even if only one connection is available

Single public IP address, utilising both connections

Your choice of ISPs

Managed hardware included


Plans For Every Need


Increase Internet Speed and Uptime

Utilise two internet connections to minimise interruptions.

Increase service reliability - redundant connections work in parallel

Increase your internet speed by combining two links into one

Works with your choice of ISPs

Completely transparent - your networking devices see a single gateway

Present a single public IP address, utilising both connection

Works with VoIP, VPN and other stateful-connection services


Bring A Workforce Together

Streamline the workflows of two offices, enabling access to and sharing of network resources transparently.

All features above plus...

All of the advantages of MPLS WAN without the price tag

Advanced, resilient and efficient mesh networking between sites

Managed firewall (optional, DMZ passthrough available)

Fully monitored and managed

Data encryption between offices


Bespoke Networking For Larger Businesses

NXTWORK’s network specialists will work with you to design and implement the best solution for your network’s needs.

All features above plus...

Enable advanced traffic routing

Dedicated account manager

24/7 Support Availability

Monthly network report

Options for public cloud interconnect (add. charges apply)

Bolt ons to augment your NXTSDN service

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Best In Class Support

We know how important it is that your business is operating at peak efficiency. That’s why we’ve built a team that have decades of combined experience. NXTWORK support team means you can easily reach an expert when your business needs it most.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident that you’ll love your service with us.  What’s more, we put our money where our mouth is.
If you’re not happy with your NXTSDN service within 30 days, we’ll refund your service cost.

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