Get to know us a little better

Mission Statement

To bring our passion for innovation into everything we do.

To design and build the applications, systems and services that enable our clients to work faster, more efficiently.

To push the limits of what’s possible with today’s latest technology, and in doing so give our clients the competitive edge with a dash of industry-first innovative magic.

Put simply – To Innovate the NXT way to WORK.

Our Principles

100% Australian Owned

We’re based in the sunny city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Our support team is located in Australia. Our development team is located spread across Australia and the Philippines.

Customer Focused

We’re not happy unless you’re happy. We put our customers first in everything we do. I know what you’re thinking – A lot of companies say this, but try us out and you’ll see, we actually mean it.

We don’t do lock in contract periods and we offer money back guarantees on most of our services.

Innovative & Progressive

We’re all about innovation and designing solutions for today that scale into the future.

Our mission statement comes across in our name – we’re all about Innovating the NeXT way to work!

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