Application & Code Auditing

Our expert team will review the code, architecture and design of your application and provide a detailed report of findings and recommendations.

Comprehensive Auditing

Our design team has combined experience in running small businesses, product management in large businesses, business process innovation, business and marketing strategy and more.

We’re uniquely positioned to design software in a way that takes into account all aspects of your business, ensuring the final result has you covered from all angles.

We’ve worked on line-of-business applications scaling from startups to ASX 200 companies and are well versed in auditing for…


  • Development team performance
  • Coding standards
  • Application Scalability
  • Security and secure design
  • Object-oriented, modular code layout
  • Code documentation
  • Over 100 other quality control check points
Digital Marketing

Solutions Provided

At the end of the audit process, you will receive a detailed audit report including…


  • A breakdown of any and all issues identified
  • Supporting evidence and samples
  • Classification of issue severity (from Critical to Low)
  • Recommended remediation points


This report is provided as a document, and can be presented by our team via an in-person meeting, or Zoom (pending location and availability).


We also provide options for remediation by our team, should you wish to engage our services to assist.

Your Intellectual property is Safe With Us

We often find ourselves working on new and innovative projects, building products that don’t exist in the market today or are substantial improvements on what’s out there.  If your project is a new innovation you’d rather keep confidential, you’ve come to the right place.  We have a mutual non-disclosure agreement we provide early-on in the design process, which protects your ideas, as well as any information you provide us as part of the project.  If you have an agreement document of your own you’d rather use, we’re generally flexible in doing this too.

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